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Update 0.5.23 - Dark mode is here!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Hey beta testers,

we are happy to announce that we have finally launched dark mode on our app (and across the Crrowd website as well, by the way). It was our single most requested update and we are happy to deliver it just in time for the holidays! There are still a few rough edges here and there, but we think it's totally usable and looks pretty rad:

Once you update, the app should automatically detect your system settings and switch to the right mode. If you want to overwrite this, you can do so under Settings -> Appearance.

Check it out if you have a minute and give us feedback on our usual channels: via Twitter, Discord or email.

Also, remember to add and review any shiny new gadgets you've bought over Black Friday and the holidays! 😎

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