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Smart light bulbs - now in Crrowd!

Whether you like RGB, different shades of white, or just the flexibility to turn lights on and off remotely, smart light bulbs are a great too and we've just added them as a brand new product category to Crrowd. There's a huge variety of vendors and models, so we might not cover all of them just yet, but the main ones should all be there already.

💡 You have one of these fellas yourself? Go to the Crrowd App, add your product to owned and review it to help others make better purchase decisions.

🔍 Can't find you model in our database? Let us know here.

Next up, we plan to add other smart lights, such as LED strips, "blooms", etc.

If you have any feedback on the ratings, models or anything else, let us know in on Twitter, our Discord server, or drop us an email!

Thanks to all of our fantastic Crrowdsourcers on Discord who have tirelessly submitted missing products and helped us perfect our database, in particular Riki, PijuBjelidlo and Tobi.

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