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Release Monitor - 2022 April Fool's Day Edition

Just like last year, we've collected today's new product launches from various tech companies announced for this year's April Fool's day. You will not find them in Crrowd App's Release monitor but we made a roundup of our favorites here for you to enjoy.

RAZER Hypersense Suit

Razer announced this gaming suit powered by Razer™ HyperSense haptic technology for a fully immersive experience. From hard-hitting blows to heart-melting romance, this suit let's you fully experience your favorite games.

Source: razer.com

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Take your gaming experience to another level with this smart lens from ASUS ROG, assign any action to a series of blinks, winks, and twitches so you never have to take your hand off the mouse and keyboard.

Source: rog.asus.com

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ROCCAT ClickHammer

This smart little gadget from ROCCAT lets you click like you've never clicked before with the innovative piezoelectric haptic actuator for ultra-precise, high definition clicks! Experience effortless drag clicking with up to 100 CPS for the fastest building on the server – guaranteed. The bleeding edge tactile technology at your fingertips.

Source: roccat.com

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Another (1) from Nothing

Nothing revealed an intentionally generic smartphone with an edge-to-edge display and an ordinary design on Twitter. It essentially made fun of the boring design of modern smartphones, calling them “utterly unoriginal” and “exactly the same as everything else.” We are looking forward to see what "real" innovation Nothing will bring to the smartphone game once the Nothing Phone (1) is actually announced.

Source: Nothing

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DIZO Nada Watch (1)

According to DIZO his ultra light transparent watch has been designed to fade into the background and look like Nothing. We can't wait to see it.

Source: DIZO

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OPPO Gotcha

A special treat for all the 90s kids out there - OPPO announced this Tamagotchi that let's you raise, feed, dress and play with your virtual Ollie!

Source: oppo.com

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Dbrand launched a DIY kit featuring a bunch of JerryRigEverything skins all in one sheet. You are then charged extra for the pleasure of having to cut it out yourself. In a classic Dbrand move, the brand expects you to fail and is happy to tell you so, cheerfully insulting you along the way: "Sturdy. Accurate. Reliable. You’re none of these things."

Source: dbrand

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