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🚨Milestone alert🚨 1 million ratings in Crrowd!

Break out the champagne 🍾

Crrowd has just surpassed 1,000,000 ratings! That's a million star ratings and answers from real, tech-savvy users! 💪

Not only that, we have also just added our 10,000th product to our database. That makes Crrowd one of the largest, most accurate repositories of gadgets on this planet. And most of that is Crrowd-souced (get it?), meaning the database, much like the reviews, is powered by you, the knowledgeable, crrowd community! And us. And coffee, of course. But you get the point!

We're building something special together with our community, hunting down and adding over 100 products a week, and now finding launch dates and prices for the new ones, too. Even when Xiaomi or some other brand tries to confuse us by re-launching the same product 7 times.

So we would like to raise a glass to everyone who reviews products, helps us keep track of the insane number of products or helps in other ways, and say thank you. Together we're building the best gadget community on earth! 🚀

If you'd like to get in touch with the Crrowd team and community, join our Discord, and if you haven't tried Crrowd yet, be sure to take the quiz to get an invite!

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