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In-app quizzes + a James Bond special edition giveaway!

Hey beta testers, we have 2 major announcements!

1. We got a second, special edition Nokia 8.3 with a James Bond box + some goodies from Nokia that we're giving away! Apparently they really liked our first quiz 😀

2. We have a new app update (0.5.21) in the Play Store. The biggest new change is that this update lets you take our tech knowledge quizzes inside the app now. Just open the hamburger menu and select "Quiz". Make sure you've updated your app!

We thought we should combine the two things, so this week we made a special edition quiz with a fun new structure and launched it inside the app. This week's quiz is only available within the app. This is for 2 reasons:

- We want to get as many of you to try the integration out and give us feedback as possible!

- We wanted to make sure that the giveaway goes to a Crrowd user, not a complete rando from the internet who found a tweet or something.

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