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Graphic tablets - now in Crrowd! 🎨

We've just added another huge batch of ~600 products to our database, including lots of user requests, as well as 2 brand new categories, each with its own unique set of ratings and default questions:

  • Graphic tablets (without screens)

  • Graphic tablets (with screens)

If you own a graphic tablet, check if it's in the app! If yes, go ahead and review it. Do our ratings and questions work well? Let us know in on Twitter or our Discord server. If you think we have missed a graphic tablet that should be in the app, simply request it using this form (also found at the bottom of any search page in the Crrowd app under the "request missing products" link)

Thanks to all of our fantastic Crrowdsourcers on Discord who have tirelessly submitted missing products and helped us perfect our database, in particular user Windows Vista who did most of the work around graphic tablets!

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