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0.5.7 is here - with a major update to search! 🔍

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hey Beta testers,

We have a major new update in the Play Store!

What's new?

We have a whole new search experience that was built to make it easier to browse categories & brands as well as to get rid of the performance issues many of you have reported with our previous search interface! It still needs some fine tuning, but now you should only see a top 10 on the main page and two "SEE ALL" buttons. Once you click on those, you'll be taken to dedicated categories and brands lists. These are alphabetically sorted for now:

We have many more improvements planned for the search experience, but we wanted to put it out there as it is so we can hear your feedback on it while we are working on further optimizations!

What's been fixed?

We have pushed quick fixes to 2 issues we had in the past:

  • The weirdly sized arrow on our home screen

  • Half stars having weird spacing

What to do now?

Play around with the new search & discovery page. See if performance is good, let us know if something looks off or if you have an suggestions for how we could improve it in the future! You can report issues to us either on our Discord or shoot us an e-mail. We read the reports even if we can't manually respond to all of them, so thanks for reporting!

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