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0.6.10 is here - Polish & fixes

We have a new build in the Play Store (0.6.10)! This is basically our final polish update before moving on to building something new (FYI, we want to build an automated front-end test framework into the app next so we get fewer random bugs and better reliability going forward). In this current build:


  • Cleaned up fonts throughout the app so things should be a little more compact & tight (see below)

  • The whole community page doesn't have to reload each time you submit an answer or rating anymore (yay)

  • Replaced the buggy modal of our profile picture selection dialogue with a standard bottom card

Before (left) / After (right)


  • White text on white backgrounds in light mode (via Geniusak)

  • Broken settings icon and radio buttons (via Geniusak)

  • Link previews didn't always work for links submitted without "https"

What to test:

  • Click around the app and let us know how the interface looks to you.

As always, you can give feedback and report issues to us either on our Discord or shoot us an e-mail. We read the reports even if we can't manually respond to all of them, so thanks for reporting!

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