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0.5.25 is here - with dark banners & more

Hey beta testers,

We have a new update with lots of fixes and improvements!

Banners in dark mode are now dark. Looks better and is easier to read (left - old, right - new):

The splash screen in dark mode is now dark, so no longer do you have to be blinded for a second when you need your gadget fix at night (left - old, right - new):

Other styling:

  • Numbers in red dots now properly centered

  • Bottom tabs no longer have unnecessary margin

  • Removed unnecessary background color from "find or ask question" box

  • Colors of stars and "submit buttons" are now blue, as they should be

Question reporting:

  • Reporting a question now permanently hides it from your view, as it always should have

  • You can now report questions from anywhere in the app, not only the community screen


  • Alphabetical brand sorting no longer messed up by uppercase letters

What to do now?

Poke around in the app and let us know if anything else looks off to you. We're planning to move on to new features next, now that the app is getting rather polished!

As always, you can give feedback and report issues to us either on our Discord or shoot us an e-mail. We read the reports even if we can't manually respond to all of them, so thanks for reporting!

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