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0.5.13 is here - reporting questions & more!

Hey beta testers, we finally have a major update with 0.5.13 again!

What's new?

  • You can finally report questions. For now this only works for questions that are in your current "answer queue"(waiting for you to be answered). We hope to bring reporting to all questions later. Just tap on the "..." button to see these options:

What's fixed?

  • Profile picture uploading has been fixed.

  • Text and star ratings were overflowing tor some users which lead to them not being able to press the 5th star in some ratings. This has been fixed:

  • In a previous version (0.5.11) we have also fixed one more thing we forgot to announce here on the blog: The "see all" animation at the end of the brands and categories lists should be fixed.

Known issues

  • Question reporting is a bit buggy for now. Reporting hides the question temporarily, but if you force close the app or pull down to refresh, it will show up again. We're working on a fix.

  • Some elements in the app currently have the wrong color (e.g. some text is blue that shouldn't be). This is because we have started working on dark mode and are re-styling all parts of the app. Please bear with us as we polish things up soon!

What to do now?

  • Try uploading a profile pic from both the gallery and your camera and see if all works fine again

  • If you can find any inappropriate questions, please feel free to report them and let us know what your experience is like!

As always, you can give feedback and report issues to us either on our Discord or shoot us an e-mail. We read the reports even if we can't manually respond to all of them, so thanks for reporting!

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