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0.5.10 is here - updated React Native version

Hey beta testers,

we have a new update in the Play Store. This is a minor update focusing on fixes and improvements.

What's new?

  • We switched to a newer version of React Native for better compatibility and performance

  • We've fixed a bug where the notification bar would turn white when you exited the app with the back button or switched to another app

  • Version numbers now show correctly in the Play Store again

What to do now?

There is nothing specific in this update you need to check and we haven't found any new issues caused by the switch, but just give it a spin and see if you can find anything unexpected. As always, you can give feedback and report issues to us either on our Discord or shoot us an e-mail. We read the reports even if we can't manually respond to all of them, so thanks for reporting!

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