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About the Crrowd Invite System

Remember, you've got 5 mins to complete it!

Thank you for your interest in our community!

Our goal with Crrowd is to build a community where you can trust that reviews are genuine and high quality. The invite system is the first of many measures we are working on to build that trust.

The idea is simple. Communities are especially fragile when they are young. That's why our early members will have to go through a simple vetting process, as described below. If you pass, you will get an invite code. We hope this process will make Crrowd a high-quality community you will love being a part of.

How are codes used?


Anyone can download the Crrowd app on Android using the Google Play Store and see existing reviews, but leaving a review or submitting answers requires an invite code.


How can I get a code?


For now, you'll have to find an existing member who might have one to give away. Members are given a limited number of codes so they can share the app with trusted friends. New invite codes will also be made available in batches for people who don't know existing members. Each batch will be given out through a quiz that tests basic tech knowledge and distributes the codes to the top performers. If you'd like to know when new quizzes are available, please follow us on Twitter  or Instagram, or check back on the Crrowd website periodically.


  • Don't post your codes online in a public place. They are meant to be earned through a quiz or shared between friends.

  • Don't harass existing users for codes if they don't want to give them to you.

  • We maintain the right to deactivate invite codes if we find that you have tried to break or abuse the system in any way.


We can't wait to hear what you think about Crrowd!

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