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Community Guidelines

Last updated: January 6, 2020

Crrowd is a product review community. Our goal is to provide an environment where it’s easy to find trustworthy reviews and share legitimate opinions. Below, you will find the rules that will help us build this community.


You are only allowed to provide truthful and accurate reviews:

  • Only provide product reviews and answers to product questions that accurately describe your experience. If you aren’t sure, skip the question or the review!

  • Only review and answer questions about products that you actually own, or have owned for long enough to be able to answer accurately

II. Prohibited behavior

Please note that the following activities are not allowed on Crrowd:

  • Asking for votes/reviews or engaging in vote/review manipulation

  • Creating multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions

  • Breaking Crrowd or doing anything that interferes with the normal use of Crrowd

  • Uploading anything that infringes on copyrights, is obscene or offensive

  • Threatening, bullying or harassing anyone

  • Spamming

III. Enforcement

We have a variety of ways to enforce these rules, including:

  • Sending you warning messages

  • Asking you to verify a purchase or to verify that you are a human

  • Temporarily suspending your account or parts of your account

  • Removing content you have posted

  • Banning you from using Crrowd

  • And in the case of illegitimate use of our data, possible legal action

Users are encouraged to report behaviour they deem to be inappropriate or going against these guidelines.

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